Who is Big Idea Brand Marketing

We are Strategic Branding Consultants

This means Big Idea Brand Marketing always ensure your brand vision and brand strategy are perfectly aligned with the daily practical work of building recognition for your brand.

At Big Idea Brand Marketing, our purpose and passion is to help business owners build successful brands from the inside out. And this is how we work, always, without compromise.

Brand Thinking

Having a brand strategy for your business provides focus, clarity, purpose, consistency and confidence.

It can also save time, energy and money too! We know your brand strategy helps attract your ideal customers and that’s why our mission is to create the brand they love!

Big Idea Brand Marketing brand consultants mission

About Lynne

Lynne is the driving force behind Big Idea Brand Marketing. She knows precisely how branding works, because it has always been part of her working life.

Her career spans branding from the bottom up, in B2B and B2C sectors, working in brand management roles for Unilever, Beecham, Dulux and Tioxide.

Brand focus

Over the years Lynne has created, developed and managed successful brands in the home fashion and personal care market sectors.

Lynne developed the Big Idea Strategic Branding Process™ to bring the magic of branding to a wide range of businesses, from professional services to food and skincare products.

Big Idea Brand Marketing YE and netball

Outside the office…

Lynne is a volunteer Business Adviser for the Young Enterprise Company Programme, which gives Year 12 students the opportunity to run their own business for a year.

She is also Secretary of the Chiltern Area Young Enterprise Local Volunteer Board.

Keeping fit

Lynne comes from Oldham, Lancashire which has a strong netball tradition. She has played netball since primary school – and still does! She runs once a week to stay fit for netball – and has recently discovered the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

Why work with Big Idea Brand Marketing?
Big Idea Brand Marketing love your brand
  • Because we love brands!
  • We have the branding experience, skills and know-how
  • You’ll enjoy our working with our proven strategic branding process
  • We’ll use our unique combination of analytical and creative skills
  • Your brand will be powered by emotional intangibles – like all great brands
  • We’ll deploy our unerring eye and instinct for colour and design
  • We’re patient, pragmatic and above all – customer-focussed
What clients say
  • ‘I have personally never learnt as much from working with someone on a project as I have done with Lynne from Big Idea, I would highly recommend to anyone who takes their brand seriously.’

    Sidekick branding
    James Bryson
    Founder, Sidekick Sauces
  • ‘I worked with Lynne to design my logo, my product packaging, my POS and marketing material. Big idea was able to come up with great creative ideas, in record time, quickly and efficiently. They understood what I needed despite the fact I wasn’t sure of what I wanted!! I already have and would, with no hesitation, recommend to work with Lynne if you have any marketing design needs!’

    Cyrine Aromatherapie branding
    Cyrine Aromatherapie
    Owner, Cyrine Aromatherapie
  • ‘I cannot recommend Lynne highly enough – she took the time to really understand the heart of my company and together with her team, has brought it to life for the world to see. Lynne combines an instinctive enthusiasm with big ideas and a well-honed critical eye, to achieve spot on results every time. Thank you.’

    Helen Lowrie branding
    Helen Lowrie
    Owner, Garden Design Services
Our promise to you
About Big idea brand marketing
  • Provide a strategic brand framework and planning process
  • Inspire your authentic brand personality based on your purpose and values
  • Create a relevant, meaningful and engaging visual brand identity and tone of voice
  • Develop consistently branded marketing materials to promote your brand
Full range of services
About Big Idea Brand Marketing Associate Team
  • Website design
  • Online marketing
  • Social media
  • Photography and video
  • Copywriting
  • PR
Our brand values
About Big Idea Brand Marketing brand values
  • Be curious and ask questions to unlock insights about your brand
  • Think big for your brand and be inspiring 
  • Have patience because building great brands takes time
  • Always be practical and deliver your branding project on time and within budget
  • Aim to have fun working with a great team of people!
Why brand values matter
Branding values matter
  • Because they establish your framework for decision-making – from strategic to every day decisions
  • They determine the way you work with your clients, suppliers and business partners
  • Brand values form the moral compass of your business – they create your company culture and behaviour
  • And they help to differentiate your brand
Why your branding matters
Big Idea Brand Marketing branding matters
  • Branding plays a key role in attracting your dream clients
  • Your brand voice and brand personality creates relationships and engage your customers
  • A brand strategy provides the framework to evolve new products and services
  • Clear brand values help build a great brand experience for your clients
  • Differentiated brands get ahead of competitors
  • Make your mark with a brillant brand!

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