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Branding Services

We’re here to help If your branding isn’t working for you.

You may want your branding to express your professional skills or need better branding for your product range. Or you may need to brand your new business.

When you work with us you’ll feel confident and proud of your branding, which is essential because it’s core to all your sales relationships.

We help clients build brands their customers love! Whether you need a brand makeover or a brand reinvention – we’re here to help.

Clients work with us in three key areas:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Collateral
Big Idea Brand Marketing branding services brand strategy

Your brand strategy is the start point for every branding project. Because we want to align your brand vision and values with your brand personality and tone of voice.

Work with us on brand strategy alone or on a full branding project.

Big idea Brand Marketing branding services brand identity

From the creative brief to the finished brand logo, we follow a creative branding process. So you know our creativity is focused on bringing your brand personality to life.

You’ll get recommendations on brand colours, font family and imagery as well as your logo.

Big Idea Brand Marketing branding services brand collateral

Once you have your brand strategy and brand identity, you’ll need your brand collateral to create a consistent brand personality and tone.

So that over time your branding will be remembered, remarkable and well-loved.

Let's work together to revitalise your brand

More branding services

  • Brand audit: assess the condition of your brand personality
  • Benchmarking: check how your branding compares with competitors
  • Brand naming: workshop to generate options for evaluation

Branding tools

  • Brand wheel: the structured way to define your brand essence
  • Perceptual map: locate the key to your brand differentiation
  • Mood board: visual summary of your brand style and image

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