Be a Standout Brand

Make your brand human, relevant and distinctive, grow affinity with your clients and create impact

Get Noticed

Grow Client Affinity

Create Impact

Go from an Empty Brand to an Engaging One

In the struggle to make your brand standout, being human, matters

People respond to people.  It’s that simple. 

By sculpting your brand around human outcomes, attributes and emotions… people feel like you’re a friend they’ve known for years. Why is that? Because humanising your brand gives it heart and soul. It helps people connect with your brand’s ideas, services and purpose – because things that feel human, seem familiar… and humans connect better, relate to and trust other humans.

Together, we make your brand standout

By making your brand human, relevant and distinctive in doable steps

Using my 3-step Brand Affinity™ Framework, we reshape your brand, so it connects more deeply with the clients you love to serve. It will look and feel authentic, with a distinctive visual identity, tone of voice and values-based messaging that boldly makes an impact. So, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for your marketing, connection in your messaging and the confidence your brand can make an impact for the better.

Get Noticed

Step 1: We build your brand strategy by getting to the HEART of your brand difference

What do you feel and get? Clarity, focus, courage

Grow Client Affinity

Step 2: We breathe life into your brand VOICE with compelling brand messaging

What do you feel and get? Connection, awareness, memorability

Create Impact

Step 3: We design the FACE of your brand with a fresh visual identity and feel-good collateral 

What do you feel and get? Confidence, distinctiveness, pride. 

Lynne Stainthorpe Big Idea Brand Marketing

This is Big Idea Brand Marketing, and I’m Lynne

I turn businesses into brands – making them human

As a human-centred brand strategist, I take a very personal, intuitive and strategy-led approach to creating brands that feel, talk and act like people.

I help give your brand marketing a solid foundation for growth with human-powered messaging that engages clients and expands your business growth.

Making your brand human is the vital spark to emotional connection – the key ingredient that takes brands from ‘know, like and trust’ to ‘must buy, love and advocacy’.
For more than 20 years, I’ve helped business owners big and small to differentiate their brands, communicate their value, make an impact and grow. From revitalising brands that have lost their mojo, to creating new ones.

"The whole experience has been wonderful"

"Thanks to the wealth of knowledge, understanding, patience and brilliant ideas. Branding was a whole new world to me, but Lynne has held my hand every step of the way, and I am now so clear about who my brand is and where it is going, that I feel a million times more confident with my communications. It has literally changed my business and I honestly feel that I have received about a hundred times the value of my investment"
Amy Burnett founder of Visible Impact
Amy Burnett
Visible Impact

Let's revitalise your brand

Make your brand standout – and forge heart-to-heart emotional affinity with your clients

You’ll get honest, genuine advice – that’s based on my deep experience and expertise. I use my intuition and experience to guide your brand’s development and support you emotionally and practically, as your brand flourishes and grows in impact.

image of woman on mobile and words Breakthrough inertia with a brand call
Your breakthrough Brand Call helps you explore the next step in revitalising your business brand
Image of satisfied woman for brand Review to increase your brand impact
Your Brand Review & Refresh will unlock what’s blocking your brand growth and consistency
Image of woman smiling for Rebranding and branding to elevate your business
When it’s time to Rebrand or Brand your business, you’ll have a solid foundation for growth
image of woman deep in thought for Inspiring Soul Affinity programme to activate your passion
Discover how working on your brand creates alignment and confidence in your calling

Want a standout, human-centred brand?

1. Let's talk

Being human, starts with a coffee. Together we'll clarify what your brand needs, how long the work will take, and the fees

2. Reshape your brand

Using my 3-step Brand Affinity™ Framework, your brand will look and feel authentic, with a distinctive identity and values-based messaging

3. Make an impact

With your standout brand, you can increase your impact, grow your business and make a difference that matters for your soul clients

Take a look at some of the brands I've worked with

Have a brand that creates affinity and compels people to act

Visible Impact branding
Laurel bronzes rebranding
Sales Code branding
The Wild Elder rebranding

It’s time to stop feeling frustrated or embarrassed by your brand

Times change. Like people, brands evolve. You may have launched new services and now your branding feels confused? Or you may have lost clients to new competitors? Or perhaps your brand feels tired and dated?

If you haven’t adjusted your branding and messaging in the last 3 to 5 years, it’s time for a review. It may even be time for your next rebrand or reinvention. I want your business to make a big impact – so you can make a difference for the better and help more soul clients.

Together we’ll get to the heart of your brand and clarify your brand vision, values and brand voice. We’ll confirm the value you bring your soul clients and create your compelling brand messaging – with heart, soul and humanity. You’ll have a brand logo, colour palette and font family that helps your brand standout and make an impact. Let’s talk, because it’s time to feel proud of your brand.

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