Believing in you and
your big brand idea

Championing your purpose-driven differences

My Brand Mission

To get to the heart of what makes your brand different, so we can communicate your value proposition effectively

Because you deserve a standout brand you love and your clients adore.

So that your brand makes you feel proud of your work, and gives you the confidence and focus to accelerate your business growth.

My Brand Purpose

Helping people with purpose – ethical, eco-conscious, and socially conscious business owners – to make an impact with your brand.

Because you want your brand to speak human to human and make a meaningful difference for your clients.

So that we change our world for the better. ❤

My Brand Values

Curiosity – asking the right questions to gain insights into what makes your brand human, what your clients need and the value your brand delivers.

Individuality – embracing your brand difference and identifying your standout client attraction factor, so we build your lasting brand advantage.

Social Justice – working with people who are determined to make a difference, however big or small.

I’m Lynne Stainthorpe: UK-based Brand Consultant

at Big Idea Brand Marketing

Believing in the potential of human brands

Brand Consultant UK

Every business, however small, has the potential to evolve into a powerful brand, so I know how it feels when your brand doesn’t standout and it’s hard to attract your right-fit clients.

You’re tired of being embarrassed by your business card and marketing collateral and want to feel proud of your brand.

I know you want to make a difference for your clients and stay true to your brand values and purpose. You want to be authentic. I get it.

I’ve worked with many coaches, consultants, therapists and experts over the years. Together, we’ll get to the heart of your brand difference, craft your brand’s human values, attributes and personality, and communicate your value effectively.

You’ll have a new visual identity to feel proud of, that boosts your confidence and enables your business to grow.

My 3-Step Brand Affinity™ Process

Creating Your Brand Heart, Voice and Face

With the focus on being relatable, interesting and most importantly, human.



Using a strategy-led approach, together we deep-dive to define your purpose and values, clarify your right-fit people and your all-important value proposition.

Combining intuition and analysis with over 20 years of brand marketing to differentiate your business.



Craft compelling key messages for your marketing, infused with your brand voice, and highlighting your brand personality.

I’m a Storybrand Guide and ensure your brand messaging has clarity, connection and punch.



Design your expressive brand elements including logo, brand colours, font family and imagery for your distinctive marketing collateral. 

Harnessing the power of colour for your brand, based on know-how, practical experience and eye for detail. 

Brand Consultant UK

Being Human

I’m often told that I see (and make) connections, that others don’t. Lucky for me, it comes easily. Perhaps it’s come from working with so many emotion-triggering brands over my career… intuition, empathy and listening are by now, second nature.

Or maybe it’s my curiosity… I do love gently digging into businesses and brands – unlocking their heart and soul – and circling back to reassemble everything so it creates value, connection and differentiation that’s far from ordinary. That’s a great day’s work!

That said… my best days are the ones spent with people who have big ideas and a drive to leave a legacy that adds, not subtracts. By inspiring those people, to buy and build brands that bring change for the better, I’m living days that we’ll all remember.

And who are those people I spend my days with? They’re coaches, consultants, therapists and experts who are purpose-driven and values-based and ready to bring their change to the world.

Want to make your brand human?

STEP 1: Schedule Your Call

Being human, starts with a coffee…

STEP 2: Clarify Your Project

Confirm your project deliverables

STEP 3: Grow Your Brand

Clear brand messaging with the human touch

Teelan and Silwal Family lawyers rebranding
Suzy Rose Transformational Coach

 “I was given all the support and direction I needed”

"I had not appreciated how much was really involved. I was given all the support and direction I needed and a clear path to follow every step of the way. I would never have done this myself, the discipline and self exploration was incredible for me. It was nothing short of perfection from start to finish. I began to see why each stage of the process was crucial and necessary as the finished product would represent me in every way. For that I am extremely grateful."
Suzy Rose
Transformational Coach

Branding is in my DNA

“I’ve always worked in brand marketing. Working my way up from Assistant Brand Manager to Marketing Director and Brand Consultant meant learning how to develop, manage and grow brands from awareness-building to advocacy. Marketing paints, fragrance and personal care products taught me that the real power in this work lies in selling the emotional and expressive benefits of products and services.”

“My experience cuts across all sectors and brand types. I’ve worked in business-to-business, business-to-consumer and in brand licensing. I love bringing the magic of branding to business owners who have set their sights on playing big, and here at Big Idea Brand Marketing, people are at the centre of everything I do.”

FSB member logo


As a small business owner, I think it’s important to draw on the support and experience of others and the FSB provides advice, financial expertise, support and lobbies the UK government on behalf of small business. It’s a not-for-profit organisation too. If you’re interested in joining, click here to read about the benefits and fees.

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The folks at Ecologi set it up to help people like us offset climate change and our carbon footprint through tree planting with The Eden Reforestation Projects and projects that remove more greenhouse gasses.

If you’d like to sign up to Ecologi too, click this link and Ecologi will add 30 more trees as a thank you. 

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As a StoryBrand Guide, I use the tools and framework created by Donald Miller. The focus is on helping you to clarify your message and eliminate confusion that could cost you money.

For an overview, listen to Episode 1 of the Marketing Made Simple podcast, powered by StoryBrand.

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