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Creating the Foundation for Your Standout Brand 

You’ll get all the help you need to make your brand human – whether it’s rebranding to boost your business or branding your new business launch.

Here are a few examples from our brand identity portfolio of our work with wonderful coaches, consultants, therapists and creative people who want to create a change in the world, elevate their business and attract new clients. Like them, you can tap into the breadth and depth of our brand expertise and brand craft for your brand building.

All the work is based on a strategic brand approach that clarifies who your brand is and what it stands for – because it’s important to build your know, like, trust factor and ensure your brand is authentically aligned from the inside out. Together we ensure that every piece of your brand communication truly represents your business and is aligned – from your internal purpose and values to the colours, logo, fonts and imagery that your clients see. 

Throughout the work we do together, we’ll make your brand human and client-focussed. Although the work may be challenging occasionally – it is always stimulating, illuminating, inspiring and enjoyable. That’s a promise!

Our brand identity portfolio shows how we help you lay the foundations to develop your standout brand, packed with personality. The work includes:

  • Brand Strategy including your brand purpose, values and personality
  • Brand Messaging including brand architecture and brand value proposition
  • Naming and Strapline / Tagline
  • Brand Identity – Logo, Colour Palette and Font Family with Style Guide
  • Marketing collateral – business cards, social media banners and social post templates, Word and PowerPoint templates, roller banners – and more 
The Wild Elder rebranding
Superkid Stories branding
Jill Carter Sandplay psychotherapist branding
Cushions and Creations rebranding
Laurel bronzes rebranding
Suzy Rose Transformational Coach
Stripes for Dogs rebranding
Teelan and Silwal Family lawyers rebranding
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