Brand personality Workshop is coming soon

Brand Personality Workshop

If you’re struggling to differentiate your brand, then let me help you develop the magnetic human qualities that make it different, meaningful and desirable. Use the magic of being human in your brand messaging and attract more of your ideal clients.

In my Brand Personality Workshop, you’ll discover the secrets that many big brands use to get recognised and remembered. These secrets are simple and easy to use. And at the end of the workshop, you’ll leave with your own Brand Personality Playbook and Brand Style Guide – so you can develop more consistent and cohesive brand messaging.

Do come along this spring, so we can work on making your brand irresistible to your target audience! And in turn, you’ll fall in love with your brand all over again…

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Brand Personality Workshop

Find your meaningful difference

We’re human which means we like being part of a group, because this makes us feel supported and comfortable. However, being one of the herd doesn’t work in brand building! Your brand has to be different and give your audience meaningful reasons to buy.

If you imitate what others do in their branding, your brand ends up looking just the same as everyone else. And the result of being ‘samey’ means it’s twice as hard for clients to choose your business first.

This is why it’s essential that your brand and business has stand-out qualities.

So, don’t confuse your clients by looking and sounding the same as your competitors. Instead, embrace your difference!

More reasons to be different…

If your brand looks the same as other brands, this could encourage clients to pay more attention to prices. After all, if a group of coaches look very similar, talk in the same way and offer broadly the same results – the risk is that your client will choose the lowest prices.

So, you can see that there’s a big price to pay if you don’t differentiate your brand and branding. You could devalue your offers and make your packages seem like commodities. This is why you need to unlock the power of your brand personality and discover the secrets that make your brand human.

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Brand Personality Workshop - find your difference

Brand Personality Workshop

We’re working on the date and venue…

I created my Brand Personality Workshop to help you differentiate your brand

It’s designed to clarify what makes your brand personality different, so your brand shines with style and speaks with confidence.

We’ll cover the key elements of my signature brand strategy methodology so you’ll feel

  • Clear about who your brand is
  • Have confidence in what your brand stands for
  • Confirm your brand style
  • Identify the type of images that reinforce your style
  • Review your brand colours
  • Know how to use your brand colours to get recognised and remembered
  • Define your brand voice, so you speak in words and tone that work beautifully
  • Feel confident about your messaging
  • Be proud of your posts
  • Get razor-sharp focus on your content

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Who your brand is

Shows the human brand personality

We’ll define who your brand is:

  • Fun exercises that get to the heart of your brand humanity
  • Identify what makes your brand personality different
  • Focus on key words that you can use everyday

Why this matters:

Clients want to buy from people they like, so making your brand human is absolutely core to creating trust as they get to know your business better…

How your brand speaks

How the brand speaks - brand personality voice

Identify your brand voice:

  • Understand how your brand speaks and listens
  • Choose the key words that shape your brand messaging
  • Create your consistent tone of voice for ease of recognition

Reinforce your unique approach:

You’ll write social media content faster and with ease once you’re clear on your brand vocabulary and tone. Brand voice warms your audience and confirms your brand difference.

How your brand looks

How the brand looks brand personality style

Confirm your brand style:

  • Discover how to use your brand colours consistently
  • Confirm the guidelines for your brand imagery
  • Identify what works for your brand – and your dealbreakers

Develop visual memorability

Visual imagery is an important tool to get your brand remembered. We’ll consider how to use your brand images, fonts and colours so they resonate with clients and evoke positive emotions.

brand pesonality workshop playbook and style guide

Come to the Brand Personality Workshop and enjoy these extra benefits:

  • Playbook – we’ll work through the essential elements of your brand personality, so you can use this in your messaging after the workshop
  • Style Guide – you’ll take away your own unique style guide, so your messaging stays consistent and authentic
  • Network – with like-minded brand owners
  • Discover hints and tips that help maximise your brand impact
  • Enjoy the fun!

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Sharon Tan
Besonder Consulting

‘Lynne has a gift of asking probing questions with grace and giving feedback like a clear mirror.  She is highly skilled in distilling what we sometimes take for granted about ourselves, our identity.  Her unique and personable style along with the step by step process help make the branding journey for entrepreneurs like me so illuminating.’

Rebecca Perkins
The Midlife Coach

‘I worked with Lynne on a complete revitalisation of my brand. The creative process was enlightening. Lynne really got to know me and my voice, which is a very important part of my brand identity. We had fun during the process and I really enjoyed working with Lynne, as she is so insightful and really saw things that were important for me, even before I did. 

Kevin Thiele
Sales Code

‘The process of discovery that Lynne went through, helped me with my branding. I needed a trusted advisor to help me position my new brand. From the first dialogue with Lynne, I realised that she is an extremely experienced and very capable brand expert, who goes way beyond the basics to help her customers.’

James Bryson
Sidekick Sauces & Flaming Licks

‘I have personally never learnt as much from working with someone on a project, as I have done with Lynne from Big Idea, I would highly recommend to anyone who takes their brand seriously.’

Brand Personality Workshop


Lynne’s mission is to help business owners build their powerful, irresistible brand. She provides expertise and insights that differentiate their brand and their branding.

Having learned the secrets of building powerful brands, working for big brands such as Unilever, Beecham and Dulux, now Lynne’s desire is to help people with the drive to elevate their brand and expand their audience.

She is totally committed to defining what makes your brand meaningfully different.

Clients say her talents include:

  • Getting to the heart of your brand
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Bringing vitality to your brand identity and
  • Creating brand messaging that makes your heart sing!

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We’re working on it…

Details soon!

From 10.00am until 4.00pm, with an hour for lunch

Yes, there will be a Brand Personality Playbook to complete, along with a Brand Style Guide to take away.

However, do bring your own notebook and information about your brand.

Lunch is not included. You could bring your own lunch, there are places nearby or we can arrange to order sandwiches in.

Tea, coffee and water is provided.

The Early Bird price is £99 – the regular price is £189.

There is no payment plan for this workshop.

You can pay by Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer, if preferred.

Brand Personality Workshop