Use these 3 key ingredients to differentiate your brand and attract clients

3 ingredients to differentiate your brand

How do you differentiate your brand?

In this post, I’ll cover some of the brand basics that you need to pay attention to – plus the big brand intangibles that set your brand apart.

Brand Basics

These are the brand building elements that you need to pay continuous attention to – and keep evolving in the journey to building your powerful brand.

You’ll need to:

All these items are on your basic brand marketing checklist, and they really matter – but what about your brand itself? What differentiates your brand, truly?

Brand Intangibles

This is when knowing your brand intangibles and putting them into action helps your brand to stand out. In my view the ‘big three’ brand intangibles are the ones that make the difference in differentiating your business – because your client’s buying decisions are based on emotion and supported with reason.


This is the engine that drives your brand, along with your vision. Your vision captures ‘where’ your brand is heading, whilst your brand purpose provides the ‘why’.

Simply said, it’s the reason why your brand exists, apart from making money.

And for me, your brand why is totally aligned with your choice of target audience. Just join the dots…


Brand values are the ‘how’ of your brand – its moral compass or north star. Your brand values provide the guiding light for how you do business. Again, they are completely aligned with your target audience.

My suggestion is to focus on 3 core values that define how your brand operates differently – with clients, employees, suppliers, associates and any other stakeholders.

Put your brand values on the wall, write them in your notebooks, believe in them and live them every single day. Remember if everyone in the business isn’t putting these 3 core brand values into action daily – they’re the wrong ones!

It’s known that values attract – people prefer to buy from people who share similar values. So, get those brand values onto your website and into your social media profiles and posts.


This is the ‘who’ of your brand. Thinking of your brand as a human is key to ‘human to human’ communication. It makes your brand relatable. It increases emotional connection and attracts your target clients.

Your audience expects your brand to behave in a specific way, just like a person, based on its stated values.

Your brand personality means that your brand has its own brand voice – with a distinctive vocabulary and tone. It will speak in certain ways – and not in others. And you must be consistent in your brand voice – or risk confusing your target market.

Lastly your brand will have its own distinctive brand style. This consists of the elements of your brand aesthetic – from colours and fonts to imagery and icons. (Check out the power of orange as your brand colour and the how green works in branding)

Combine these 3 brand intangibles together and your brand will be:

In summary

Your brand is a mix of tangible and intangible elements. Being clear about your Brand Purpose, Brand Values and Brand Personality will establish a firm foundation for all your marketing activities – and importantly differentiate your brand from competitors in a way that cannot be copied.

If you want help to clarify who your brand is and what it stands for do get in touch.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you've enjoyed it and found it useful. I work with coaches, consultants, creatives, therapists and experts, often ex-corporate. Together we get to the heart of what makes your brand distinctive and different, so we can communicate your value proposition effectively. You'll have a standout brand you love and your clients adore, with a brand personality and image that makes you feel proud of your work, and gives you the confidence and focus to accelerate your business growth.
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