Brand Review Sessions

Taking you from stuck to springboard for growth

Regain Your Clarity and Confidence

Refresh Your Brand Consistency

Revitalise Your Brand Momentum

When you feel stuck, a Brand Review helps you get back on track for success

You may have a brand niggle or feel blocked by more than one thing. This is when two in-depth conversations with me – your brand expert – will bring clarity, focus and a plan of action to revitalise your brand.

Here are some examples of the type of challenges that come up for clients:

You know it’s not yet time for a full rebrand, yet there’s a need to take an in-depth look at something, or a few things that may be bothering you. You need to tackle this niggle now, because it’s created a dent in your confidence and uncertainty in your activities. If you leave it unresolved, it could fester and magnify. Instead, let’s get to the cause of the issues and create a plan of action.

Together, we’ll work through the blocks and explore options for action. With 2 or 3 options to take forward, you’ll soon get unstuck and regain your confidence and momentum. So, if you feel that something about your branding or brand marketing isn’t quite working, let me help you with a Brand Review:

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£297 inc.VAT

Brand Review and Refresh - Big idea Brand Marketing

A few signs you’re ready for a Brand Review & Refresh

How a Brand Review will help you

Your confidence, conviction and ability to grow your business is at risk when your brand feels misaligned and incongruent. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need a rebrand – in my view your branding ought to last at least 3 to 5 years.

However, there are times when you could benefit from two in-depth sessions, to overcome the blocks to your business growth and momentum. This is why I’ve introduced my Brand Review sessions. They’re designed for those times when a couple of focused sessions with experienced outside eyes will give you insights and actions you may not come up with yourself.

Through my work with a wide range of business owners – who provide transformative services and products – from coaches and consultants to makers of products. I’ll draw on over 20 years of brand knowledge and perspectives to help you overcome current stumbling blocks in your brand thinking. You’ll get insights and advice based on my brand experience, expertise and intuitive approach to identify what your brand needs at this time.

You’ll also get some ‘aha’ moments and breakthoughs that will make your brand human, relevant, distinctive and attractive to your target clients.

Lynne Stainthorpe of Big idea Brand Marketing

What’s included in your Brand Review ?

You’ll unblock the branding issues that are getting in the way of your business growth, plus:

The Brand Review sessions includes an in-depth conversation about your branding niggles, together with my insights on your brand messaging, voice and style.  We’ll cover your brand alignment, consistency and impact – so that you’ll have an action plan to implement. Then, after 2 to 3 weeks we’ll follow up with another conversation to adjust and improve your plan and boost your momentum.

In detail: you’ll have an in-depth 90-minute Zoom call, recorded, a plan of action to implement and a follow-up 60-minute Zoom call for feedback and fine tuning.

Brand Review and Refresh - Big Idea Brand Marketing

Simply click on the PayPal button to book your Brand Review. Then we’ll fix the dates and get started. £297 inc. VAT.

How it Works – Step by Step

Step 1

Your in-depth brand conversation. A 90-minute Zoom call giving you valuable insights, practical options and a motivating action plan.

Step 2

Start putting your plan into action. Learn through doing. Follow up with a 60-minute Zoom call so we can adjust and inspire.

Step 3

Feel aligned and authentic, clear and confident. Revitalise your brand impact and boost your mojo and momentum.

“You helped tease out our USPs and brought fresh thinking to our brand colour palette.”

"You made it a fun and engaging experience, resulting in a new brand presence and marketing materials that we’re absolutely delighted with. Our materials reflect our values, what we stand for as a company and the contemporary fresh approach we seek to bring to our clients."
Jacqui Alexander Changepace Consulting
Changepace Consulting

Let’s get started with your Brand Review …

When your branding is consistent, aligned and authentic, your brand messaging feels confident, clear and impactful.

So, if you have any doubts about the relevance and effectiveness of your brand messaging or the consistency of your brand style, colours or voice – take the plunge and work with me. You’ll get the benefit of my insights, experience and intuitive, expert eye on your brand communications.

You’ll soon feel confident and in control with renewed clarity and focus. I love helping business owners like you to breakthrough blocks, refresh your brand consistency and revitalise your brand momentum.

I can’t wait to work with you…

Simply click on the PayPal button to buy your Brand Review. Then we’ll fix the dates and get started. £297 inc. VAT

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