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Insights and Ideas to Grow Your Brand from Big Idea Brand Marketing

Branding can be confusing

On the one hand branding seems to be such a huge topic, and on the other hand, shouldn’t it be simple?  You may be aware of the difference between your brand and your branding. Or you may think your brand is all about your logo and colour palette. 

The aim of this blog is to help you explore how your brand is much more than a logo or a design. I’d love to help you develop a close relationship with your brand, so that you care about it, manage it well and develop a close, lasting relationship with all your brand stakeholders.

In the process, let’s also build your powerful brand. I’ll include a series of blog posts on core brand building elements – topics from brand naming to brand values and brand colours. The intention is to differentiate your business, with clear and compelling messaging and a brand personality that attracts your right-fit clients. Because, above all, I want your brand to be the one your customers love and prefer.

Successful brands evolve continuously

As you build your business, it’s a good idea to plan to keep your brand in good shape – because things change. Customers change, competitors change and your products and services change too. In time this may mean your brand needs a refresh or reinvention. Or, you may want to create a new brand. Wherever you are in the brand development cycle, my aim is to help you create a powerful, irresistible brand.

Brand building elements

In the blog, I’ll take a look at the key building blocks you need in place for your brand. These include:

  • Your brand purpose, vision and mission
  • Confirming your brand niche and attracting those right-fit clients
  • Clarifying your ‘why buy’ – your brand value proposition
  • Explaining why your brand values can attract or repel prospects
  • Understand the 3 key elements that make your brand human so you can express your brand personality consistently
  • Delving into the power and meaning of brand colours
  • Creating a consistent visual brand identity
  • And so much more…
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Why will clients buy from your brand?

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What happens if I don’t have a brand?

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Target clients – how to clarify your best-fit audience

Your target clients How to decide on who you want to serve and why Being clear on who your brand serves ...
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Colour meaning – same brand colours – different intentions

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Lessons from Easyjet: align customer service with your brand values

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The value of values in your brand marketing

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Brand colour black

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