Rebranding your business – 3 key stages

3 key stages in rebranding your business

Rebranding Your Business

What’s involved when you say ‘yes’ to a rebrand?

Let’s take a look at what happens when you start your rebranding project. We use the same approach when we work on launching your new business brand.

First – why do you need to rebrand your business?

There are many reasons that inspire business owners to rebrand. Here are a few of the reasons I hear most often:

👉🏼 Your branding looks tired and dated and you’re embarrassed by it. For example, do you avoid sending clients to your website?

👉🏼 There’s a misfit between your brand name and what you sell. Things may have changed, perhaps you have a new target audience and have developed new packages for them?

👉🏼 You may have new competition or a lot more competitors, and your sales are struggling?

👉🏼 As times change, perhaps your brand values have evolved?

👉🏼 Perhaps your brand messaging is muddled?

👉🏼 An extreme example could be that your brand reputation is damaged, and hence your business may need a new brand name?

As you can see, the purpose of rebranding your business could be to achieve any of these three outcomes:

⭐ Refresh – fine tuning your logo, branding and brand packages to stay in touch with changing times.

⭐ Evolution – changing your logo, branding and brand positioning, adding new products and packages and updating the brand appeal to a new audience.

⭐ Reinvention – this usually includes changing to a new brand name and positioning, and introducing new products and packages to appeal to a new target market.


Key stages of your rebrand

I work with 3 key stages to provide clarity, focus and confidence in growing your brand and business:

Stage 1: Clarify who your brand is and what it stands for. This gets to the heart and soul of your brand.

Stage 2: Define what makes your brand meaningfully different and the reasons why clients buy. From this we develop your core brand messaging and your brand voice.

Stage 3: Create your distinctive brand identity from colours and logo to impact marketing collateral. This creates your brand style and image.

The result of doing this work and rebranding your business is:

⭐ Your brand gets noticed

⭐ It differentiates your business from competitors

Attracts clients and helps you build a base of loyal customers

⭐ Lays the solid foundation for marketing and growing your business

Let’s look at each stage in a bit more detail:


Stage 1: Clarifying who your brand is and what it stands for

We start with your target audience because they’re the reason you have a business in the first place. We check out what they want and need and the transformation they experience from working with your brand. You’ll explore the external, internal and philosophical aspects of your customer wants and needs.

We delve into your brand in detail, exploring and clarifying your brand:

⭐ Vision, Purpose and Mission

⭐ Values, Personality, and Essence – the heart and soul of your brand. You can read more about the importance of your brand values in this blog

⭐ Pillars, Packages and Products

Then we draw out the key differences between competitor brands and your brand.


Stage 2: Defining what makes your brand meaningfully different and the core of your ‘why buy’ (brand value proposition)

Here we go deep into the benefits that your brand delivers – we cover the spectrum of functional, emotional and expressive benefits and test and refine these to get to the core of your brand value proposition.

⭐ From this work we refine your core brand messaging and key messaging pillars.

⭐ The clarity we gain from our work together on Stage 1 and Stage 2 generates options for your brand tagline too!

⭐ As you can see, these stages create an iterative process that refines and improves your brand differentiation.


Stage 3: Creating your distinctive brand identity and marketing collateral

⭐ The start point is to draft your creative brief so that we know who and what your brand logo will represent. This will include key details including your brand colour palette and guidance on what could work well for your brand typography and icon.

⭐ Then we follow a creative process that explores design options within the framework of the creative brief – and then narrows the design options down, until we agree on your final logo variants.

⭐ Once you approve your brand logo, we then apply it to all the marketing collateral you need – like business cards, social media banners, brochures, templates for social media posts and digital documents like PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.   

⭐ You’ll also receive your Brand Style Guide to ensure you and your team can keep your branding consistent across all your marketing activities.

As you’re aware, consistency is the key component in getting your brand noticed over time.


You may like to start with a brand review first. This will identify key changes that will get your brand back on track for growth. Read more here – Brand Review and Refresh

Or book a Zoom call to discuss what your brand needs now – Book Your Call


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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you've enjoyed it and found it useful. I work with coaches, consultants, creatives, therapists and experts, often ex-corporate. Together we get to the heart of what makes your brand distinctive and different, so we can communicate your value proposition effectively. You'll have a standout brand you love and your clients adore, with a brand personality and image that makes you feel proud of your work, and gives you the confidence and focus to accelerate your business growth.
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