The value of values in your brand marketing

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The value of your brand values in your brand marketing

Your brand distinctiveness is based on two types of value


Firstly, the brand value proposition

This is a summary of the compelling reasons why clients prefer to buy from your brand. These include:

⭐ Functional benefits (what the brand does)

⭐ Emotional benefits (how the brand makes you feel) and

⭐ Expressive benefits (how the brand helps you express your identity)


Next, we have your core brand values

In my book your core brand values comprise the moral compass of your brand.

They determine:

⭐ How your brand behaves and the actions it takes

⭐ What the people in the business believe in and

⭐ The culture of the company – however big or small


Along with your brand purpose (why your brand exists) and your brand personality (who your brand is), your brand values lie at the heart of what makes your brand distinctive – and attractive – to target clients.

You can read more about brand values in this blog.


Using values in your brand marketing

David Allison gave a speech on this topic at the ZeeMELT conference. He founded Valuegraphics to measure how values influence buying behaviour. He reckons that using values in your targeting and brand messaging is more effective than using either demographics or psychographics.

Now I use brand values and attitude of mind (psychographics) alongside a few demographics to help my clients create a deeper understanding of their clients and from this develop their brand value proposition and marketing packages.

So, I find David Allison’s talk interesting because he is making statements that I ‘know’ from my experience to work – and validates them based on his data driven understanding.

These include:

⭐ “The science of values studies how humans make purchasing and indeed, most choices, based on their values. If a brand value resonates with their own, they are most likely to be loyal to that brand”

⭐ “Values are intrinsic to how human beings think and feel about the world. If a product, service or brand message reiterates their personal values, they are more likely to have positive affiliations with that product or brand”

⭐ “Demographic surveys mean nothing because about 90% of the sample numbers are unlike each other. In fact, it is impossible for a demographic cohort to be identical. But people with the same values are remarkably the same.”


My view

⭐ We cannot dismiss demographics entirely because some products and services are dependent on life stage or age. Examples include: clothes for children, menopause services, pregnancy products, pensions and more…

⭐ Psychographics play a role too, particularly in identifying the results clients seek and how they relate to brands in terms of lifestyle and identity.

⭐ Values are definitely important and merit more attention and focus in your brand marketing


So, how could you bring your values into your brand marketing?

⭐ Include your values in your brand stories

⭐ Add them to your ‘About’ page on the website

⭐ Talk about your values in your social media posts

⭐ And more…


Valuegraphics database

Lastly, apparently the Valuegraphics database collects data based on three questions:

🤔 Why do you go to work?

🤔 Why would you give away half of your lottery earnings?

🤔 What would you say to yourself 10 years ago and why?

All very interesting, and providing much to think about how to use your brand values when you market your brand offers.


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