Great brands have a strong visual identityhowever, that’s not what makes them great…

Great brands have engaging personalities, and a set of core beliefs that underpin everything they do.

The most common mistake that business owners make, is to start designing their logo before they are clear about who their brand is – and what it stands for.

This is why I’ve designed this six-week course – so you get crystal clear and confident on your brand strategy and brand messaging. In turn this means we ensure your logo, colours and fonts truly represent your brand.

NEW Build Your Brilliant Brand Course

Every great brand started out as a small brand. The secret to their greatness lies in the emotional value they create for their clients. Now, I’ve created my course to help you build your brilliant brand and attract lovely people who value what you do…

Together we will identify what makes your brand meaningfully different and develop your brand messaging with care and attention.

This course is not for everyone. It’s definitely the right course for you, if you feel strongly that NOW is the time to elevate your business and play BIG.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your business, you’ll love this Build Your Brilliant Brand course. I’ll take you through essential brand building elements, so you create the foundation to accelerate your business growth. And I’ll share tips and insights from successful brand models to inspire your own brand story.

We’ll work through proven brand-building frameworks – and create powerful brand messaging to use with your clients every day. These brand frameworks have enabled my clients to attract new VIP customers, talk to their corporate prospects with confidence and to form new strategic alliances with ease.

This is definitely the course for you if you want to manage your brand with consistency, confidence and belief.

What’s included in Build Your Brilliant Brand course?

Strategic brand building approach

You’ll benefit from my step-by-step brand-building methodology.

Together we’ll do the essential brand thinking to differentiate your brand. And you’ll always have my expertise and experience in brand-building to support you.

Brand Messaging

We’ll work through the benefits you bring your clients, your brand architecture (core services and products) and the optimum ways to communicate what makes your brand attractive, relevant, meaningful and motivating…

You’ll feel clear, confident and focused at the end of the course – so it’s easier to make decisions faster and create coherent, consistent brand communications.

How will we work together?

A Zoom call once a week, for six weeks

Every week, we go through a key area to build your brand. You’ll get brand questions to work on individually plus the opportunity to discuss your work-in-progress with me and as part of our small group.

  • Each unit of work is available to work on in our closed Facebook group.
  • Every call is recorded on Zoom and uploaded to the specific Facebook unit.

Individual feedback

  • You’ll have personal attention for your brand building because group numbers are limited to a maximum of eight.


You’ll get bespoke suggestions to update your brand colour palette, so that now your brand colours truly represent your brand values and personality.


We’ll create your digital brand mood board as a guide for your brand messaging. This will capture your brand style and tone. It will help you create consistency in your brand communications. So your social media posts and banners get recognised and remembered…


For people who live in easy reach of West London, we’ll have an in-person meet-up at the end of the course to celebrate your success!


If you’re ready for it, there’ll be a super special offer to refresh your brand identity – with a professional brand makeover…


Week 1

We’ll start where your brand is now:

  • Your very best clients
  • Competitors to beat
  • The current brand offer

Week 2

Explore your brand motivators:

  • Purpose – your brand ‘why’
  • Vision – your brand destination
  • Mission – what your brand changes

Week 3

Confirm your brand attributes:

  • Origins and Heritage
  • Skills and Qualifications
  • Features that attract

Week 4

Define your brand benefits:

  • Functional benefits
  • Emotional benefits and
  • Expressive benefits

Week 5

Differentiate your brand intangibles:

  • Values – what your brand believes in
  • Personality – humanity, style & tone
  • Essence – what your brand stands for

Week 6

Develop your brand mesaaging:

  • Your meaningful differences
  • Brand positioning that attracts
  • Value proposition that converts



Lynne loves working on your brand and branding.

She learned the secrets of building powerful brands working for Unilever, Beecham and Dulux. Now, she works with coaches, consultants and therapists who want to differentiate their business, elevate their brand and play BIG.

She is determined to define what makes your brand meaningfully different.

Lynne’s talents include getting to the heart of your brand, identifying your value proposition, bringing life to your brand identity and creating brand messaging that makes your heart sing!


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