Captivating brand colours make your messaging meaningful
captivating brand colours

You’re frustrated because it’s so hard to get your business noticed amongst the online noise.

You’re confused about how to create consistency across your social media posts.

You feel intimidated and frozen, whilst competitors seem to look so polished and professional.

captivating brand colours

Colour increases brand recognition by 80%.

So your Captivating Brand Colours are the secret weapon in your battle to cut through the noise – and get your brand recognised and remembered, effortlessly.

Even when you’ve got a brand colour palette you feel:

  • Uncertain how to use the colours effectively on social media or
  • The colours seem dated, so your business looks old-fashioned or
  • You don’t have the colours you need to promote your products and services

With my framework for your Captivating Brand Colours

You’ll know precisely which colours to use in every communication – from your website to your Facebook feed, and your Instagram grid.

We’ll unlock the emotion in your brand colours, so you have a brand colour story that makes your messaging more attractive and meaningful for your audience.

When you apply your brand colours with intention, every day, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to build recognition for your brand, so it gets remembered, over time.

I’m a brand strategist for purpose-driven business owners who provide transformative services and products.

I help make your brand human, so you create deeper emotional connections with target clients and stand out from competitors.

And helping you unlock the power of colour in your brand messaging lies close to my heart.

captivatign brand colours

As a result of my Captivating Brand Colours offer, you will:

  • Have a one-page visual guide to using your brand colours consistently
  • Know your brand colour story and the precise role of each colour in attracting clients in your messaging
  • Develop your unique colour style so that over time your brand cuts through the noise, gets noticed, and will be remembered

With Captivating Brand Colours, we’ll fine tune your brand colour palette and develop a framework for using your colours with emotion, intention, and meaning in your messaging and marketing.

Captivating Brand Colours consists of these easy stages:

  • PRE-WORK – You’ll complete a simple online form so that I understand your brand positioning and source of differentiation.
  • MAKING YOUR COLOUR PALETTE MAGNETIC – Video call to discuss your colour palette and strategic requirements. Then I’ll prepare your new colour style guide ready for action.
  • UNLOCKING THE EMOTION IN YOUR BRAND COLOURS – We’ll go through your brand colour story and using your colours for maximum impact and memorability.
  • CHECKING IN – After two weeks, I’ll check-in to answer any questions you may have.
captivating brand colours


Getting your business noticed and remembered is vitally important to your goal of helping more clients.

And this is where your brand colours play a vital role in attracting the right clientele.

Colour is the silent ambassador of your brand.

This is why I want to ensure your brand colours have the emotional capability to reinforce your messaging — and not undermine it.

I’d love to empower you to use your brand colours, so your brand makes an impact, time after time.


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Once your payment is received, you’ll get an email to book your first session and we’ll get started on creating your Captivating Brand Colours.

I can’t wait to work with you…

Captivating brand colours


Sharon Tan
Besonder Consulting

‘Lynne has a gift of asking probing questions with grace and giving feedback like a clear mirror.  She is highly skilled in distilling what we sometimes take for granted about ourselves, our identity.  Her unique and personable style along with the step by step process help make the branding journey for entrepreneurs like me so illuminating.’

Rebecca Perkins
The Midlife Coach

‘I worked with Lynne on a complete revitalisation of my brand. The creative process was enlightening. Lynne really got to know me and my voice, which is a very important part of my brand identity. We had fun during the process and I really enjoyed working with Lynne, as she is so insightful and really saw things that were important for me, even before I did. 

Kevin Thiele
Sales Code

‘The process of discovery that Lynne went through, helped me with my branding. I needed a trusted advisor to help me position my new brand. From the first dialogue with Lynne, I realised that she is an extremely experienced and very capable brand expert, who goes way beyond the basics to help her customers.’

James Bryson
Sidekick Sauces & Flaming Licks

‘I have personally never learnt as much from working with someone on a project, as I have done with Lynne from Big Idea, I would highly recommend to anyone who takes their brand seriously.’