what is brand personality

Like it or not, your business already has a brand personality

Your customers already have a relationship with your brand based on the clues you give them.
Brand personality clues
Here are just a few of the clues that contribute to how your brand personality is perceived:

The words, images and colours you use.
The type of products and services you provide.
How you behave – in public and behind the scenes; when things go well and when things go badly.
The type of people who already buy your products.
Where you are based – your nationality, origins and culture.

All of these tangible and intangible clues add up to a picture in the minds’ eye of:

The people behind the business.
The brand personality.

And this perception of your brand personality will influence customers. Your brand personality will help determine

Revitalise your business branding

3 tips to revitalise your business branding

It’s tough to make an impact in any market
So if sales are a little flat, it’s worth taking some time to consider how your customers perceive your business.

After all
‘What’s a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect.’   

Al Ries
So here are our top 3 tips to revitalise your business branding
Tip 1: brand personality
Think about your business as a brand and define your brand personality.

Imagine your brand is a person.

What sort of person are you?
What are your strengths?
What do your prospects like about you?
How do you look? (Brand image).
How do you talk? (Tone of voice).

List the words that describe your brand personality and describe how your customers feel about it.