Branding and Rebranding Services

Creating standout brands that feel, talk and think like people.

Depending on your needs, together we’ll work on:

Your brand strategy aligned with heart

Your brand messaging, tone and voice

Your brand identity, style and image

Big Idea Brand Marketing

Adding the human touch that powers great brands

It’s why clients work with me

Frequently, clients want to change their brand. The reasons are many. Although the specifics vary, there’s always a ‘disconnect’… where they feel they’re not attracting their best-fit people, because they don’t have a meaningfully different and distinctive brand that stands out.

Do any of these connect with you?

Need a Refresh?

The market and competition has changed, and your brand’s been left behind?

What your customers want has changed, and your brand’s still associated with outdated things?

Do you..

Avoid sending clients to your website, or dislike giving out your business cards?

Want to Rebrand?

There’s a change of focus, so your brand name no longer fits the company?

Your brand feels out of sync with your business, and you feel a need to start over?

Do you…

Want to grow your business, but lack the confidence and clarity to know what things to change?

Have to Reinvent?

You’ve got new products and services, so your brand needs to attract more attention?

Your services have changed over time, or you’re not attracting as many new clients?

Do you…

Want to attract people who value your work and have a deeper connection to your ideas?

What’s my approach?

Evolving brands by deepening their human affinity

Everything I do, is collaborative. And is grounded in brand strategy. 

It takes a very personal, immersive approach, that moves your brand from conception to launch, or from overlooked to celebrated. 

Working closely with you, I help you identify those invisible, intangible aspects – positioning, brand essence, values and tone – that deepen the connection of your brand, with your best-fit people.

Reshaping your brand, inside and out

Creating evocative, standout brands that own their value

Using my step-by-step Strategic Brand Affinity™ Process together we’ll rebuild your brand from the inside out. The result is a brand that’s clearly aligned from vision, through identity to consistent messaging… adding all those finer, personal details that makes it human.

Brand Heart

Your Foundation


This is where we begin building your brand, by giving it heart with human attributes and emotions.

Using a strategy-led approach, together, we deep-dive to find your purpose and values, clarify your best-fit people and value proposition.


A clear brand strategy gives you and your brand focus and confidence, in knowing your:

  • Target audience
  • Brand vision, purpose and values
  • Value proposition and tagline

You’ll have the essential foundation for your  brand growth.


Your Messaging


We breathe life into your brand voice and express your captivating brand personality.

Then craft compelling key messages for your marketing materials that carry your brand’s human voice, show it’s face and highlight its personality.


You’ll have a brand personality and core messaging that clients will connect with:

  • Brand personality and voice
  • Effective messaging
  • Ideas for your marketing 

Your brand messaging expresses a consistent and captivating tone of voice, across everything.

brand image

Your Brand Identity


Next, we design your distinctive brand identity, including its logo and colours.

Creating the expressive elements that determine how your brand faces the world – your logo, imagery,  colours and fonts. 

And then we’ll design impactful marketing collateral you’ll feel proud of.


You’ll feel proud of your brand identity, with:

  • Colours that represent your brand
  • Impactful logo and font family
  • Print items from cards to brochures
  • Digital templates for banners and posts
  • A style guide for consistency

You’ll have a consistent brand image that attracts clients, aligned with your purpose, values and personality.

Choose from a range of branding and rebranding services

Working with you on a flexible basis

From bespoke consultancy to my group brand messaging programme, we’ll find the way to get your brand sorted. Maybe you need a full rebrand, or to increase the impact of your brand messaging. I flexibly work with you on your needs.

Brand Audit with Lynne Stainthorpe

Your Breakthrough Brand Audit

Sometimes you feel stuck or you’re going round in circles. Let’s get your brand back on track for success.

We’ll focus in on the blocks  that are holding your brand back – whether it’s pinpointing the value your brand delivers, how best to communicate clearly to prospects or your brand style and impact.

You’ll get insights and actions that will get your brand back on track.

£630 inc VAT. Payment plan available.

Elevate your business with Big idea brand marketing

Branding or Rebranding Your Business

When it’s time for your rebrand or when you’re launching your new business.

You’ll get precisely what you need to position for success, because every project is customised to your specific needs and timeline.

We start with your brand strategy, and determine what makes your brand different and human. And create the brand identity and marketing collateral that makes your brand standout.

From £1,530 inc VAT or payment plan options

From £3,990 inc VAT or payment plan options, when we work with my favourite website designer

Increase Your brand impact

Fine Tune with a Review and Refresh

Support for your brand growth. As your consultant, let’s talk flexibly.

Once you’ve got your branding sorted, the challenge is to make your brand marketing consistent. Consistency plus the flexibility to evolve and stay true to the heart of your brand holds the key to making an impact and difference that matters.

We can focus on what is creating your brand niggle. It could be about how to position new services or how to consistently manage your brand style. Start with your Review and Refresh power session.

From £270 inc VAT

Revitalise your brand messaging

Make Your Brand Messaging Engaging

My Online Group Programme that makes your messaging clear, compelling and human.

You’ll work with me in a small group of no more than 5 people and get your messaging sorted in 5 sessions.

This means you’ll get my personal attention plus feedback from the group in a confidential space.

£495 inc VAT or 3-part payment plan

Want a more human-centred brand?

1. Let’s talk about your brand

Being human, starts with a coffee

2. Clarify what your brand needs

Confirm your project deliverables

3. Grow your business impact

Your standout brand with the human touch

"I would highly recommend Lynne for your re-brand."

"I've been working with Lynne on my re-brand for a few months, she has been so patient with me on this process, which has been a journey that has made me question many things. Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, everything you need and want from someone who is going to be helping you shape your brand from messaging to logo. I love doing the strategy work and Lynne has kept me from drifting in strange directions! You are safe with Lynne, and your brand is safe with Lynne.."
Justina Rosu Purple Square Video
Justina Rosu
Purple Square Video

Brands who’ve loved my human approach

Creating their standout heart, voice and face…

Stripes for Dogs rebranding
Purple Square Video rebranding
Superkid Stories branding
OM Phoenix branding

Adding a human touch takes experience

People fall in love with human brands

Creating brands that connect with people, requires specialist skills. So, I partner with a team of trusted, creative specialists, to ensure your human-centred brand strategy and materials, only ever show up in remarkable ways.

Website Design


Marketing and PR

Video and YouTube

Online and Social Media


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