Soul Affinity Masterclass

Connect with your brand spirit animal

Connect with your brand spirit animal

Align with the heart and soul of your brand

Elevate your brand personality and communications

Soul Affinity Masterclass: connect with your brand spirit animal

When you want your business to feel aligned and inspired

This Soul Affinity masterclass is specially designed for coaches, consultants, therapists and lightworkers. It brings together the strength and support of spiritual mentoring with the creative expressiveness of intuitive branding.

Since the dawn of time, humans have aligned with the nature of animals in myth, legend and imagination – the goddess Athena has her Little Owl, Bastet has cats, Diana has a deer and Aphrodite has doves.

In Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy, every human has a daemon. Your daemon is the physical manifestation of your soul, representing your inner self, emotions, and personality.

You may call it personification or anthropomorphism, yet animals (whether real or in spirit) can help you through the challenges of life and business.

When you connect with your brand spirit animal, you’ll also reconnect with your inner guidance system, get to the heart of your business and confidently express the spirit of your brand.

In turn, when you show up in your business with sparkling confidence and unshakeable certainty that your business is truly aligned from the inside out – the result is that your clients will feel the energy of attraction too.

So, if you’re feeling curious, or in need of a branding boost, join our Soul Affinity Masterclass and discover how to elevate your brand personality with a little animal magic.

Discover your brand spirit animal…

with guidance from Liz Carabine, Spiritual Mentor and Lynne Stainthorpe, Intuitive Brand Strategist

About Liz

Liz helps you make a deeper connection to your true self. She works with the energies of the divine feminine to increase your confidence and self worth.

With her guidance you’ll achieve a life and business that is harmoniously balanced with your soul’s purpose. And overcome blocks and fears that may prevent you achieving your true potential and strength.

Liz Carabine Spiritual Mentor

Click here to discover more about Liz.

About Lynne

Lynne brings her intuition and deep knowledge – from gently digging into businesses and brands – to unlock the heart and soul of your brand.

She helps you express your brand vitality – from brand colours to brand messaging – so your business has soul and creates value and connection with your soul clients – whilst still being distinctive and different.

Lynne Stainthorpe Intuitive Brand Strategist

Click here to read more about Lynne.

Connect with your Brand Spirit Animal Masterclass

Tuesday 7 November 2023: 11am to 12.30pm – online

In this masterclass we help you to reconnect with your spiritual vitality, purpose and passion by connecting you with your brand spirit animal.

You’ll discover the energies of your spirit animal, and how this aligns with your values and intentions and brings meaning to your work.

This 90-minute session includes a guided meditation, intuitive guidance for discovering your brand spirit animal, and sparks that ignite your brand personality and inspire soulful communications. And it is lots of fun too!

images of 3 animals - wolf- bird - dolphin for Soul Affinity Masterclass Module 3
Investment: £63 – you’ll receive the Zoom link for the masterclass after you’ve paid.

“Their knowledge, intuitiveness and skill set brought a unique all-inclusive ‘soulution’.”

“Liz and Lynne are a dream team. Through explorational chat, understanding, meditations, and creative homework I have been able to get to the core energy of my ‘soul work’ to enable me to help others’ on their healing path. It’s so exciting! Their knowledge, intuitiveness and skill set brought a unique all-inclusive ‘soulution’ to enable alignment into my own blueprint. It’s fascinating, functional and fun! If your soul is calling to expand don’t hesitate to join them!”
Nicky Batt Colour Therapist
Colour Therapist

Discovering your brand spirit animal could help, when:

Instead, feel joyful, in flow and spiritually connected with your Soul Business


Activate your passion and joy in growing your Soul Affinity Business


Bring abundance and flow to your business as you serve your Soul Clients


Reconnect deeply with your intuition and guidance from your Higher Self

It’s time…

To show up in your business – and for your soul clients – with sparkling confidence and unshakeable certainty that you are truly aligned with your Soul Calling.

Join our online Soul Affinity Masterclass – and tap into the power and inspiration of your brand spirit animal. This unique approach to support your business, is created specially for coaches, consultants, therapists and lightworkers by Liz Carabine, Spiritual Mentor and Lynne Stainthorpe, Intuitive Brand Strategist.

By integrating spiritual mentoring with intuitive branding you’ll have a rock solid foundation and adaptable framework to elevate and expand your spiritual business growth.

This special approach connects with your inner guidance system to get to the heart and soul of your business and the essence of your brand. Together we help you express the value and meaning you bring to your soul clients, with clarity, confidence and ease.

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