Visible Impact – Rebranding

Rebranding Story

Amy had an epiphany! Her brand was Nutty Amber Productions and she worked successfully with solopreneurs and small business owners – mainly women – to help them use video to promote their business. Yet it wasn’t enough.

What she really wanted to do was to redresss the imbalance of women in senior management in big companies. Quite frankly there aren’t enough women in leadership roles across business and organisations. Amy could make a contribution to helping women succeed, by using her video strategy, planning and production skills to help women in corporate be seen and heard.

When we met, Amy had already chosen the new business name of Visible Impact. She wanted a logo – however it takes more than a new logo to build a brand. So we set to work, helping Amy craft her brand foundation, rooted in making the brand human and relatable.


Brand Strategy – getting to the heart of the brand and clarifying the brand vision, mission, purpose, values and personality – built around the target audience. 

Brand Messaging – clarifying the brand value proposition for the target audience groups, based on solving their problems and delivering a mix of functional, emotional and expressive benefits. 

Brand Identity – creating the brand face and voice – with a colour palette, logo, font family and brand aesthetic. Amy also has a Brand Style Guide to help her communicate consistently and coherently so that Visible Impact is recognised and remembered.

Brand Values

Having completed a series of brand questions, we discussed the core brand values that really mattered for Visible Impact.

It’s an iterative process that demands clarity and focus.

Amy selected Bold, Human and Collaborative as the defining values that differentiate her business.

Visible Impact Brand Values

Brand Colours

We discuss options for the colour palette based on the target audience, the brand personality and values, along with competitor benchmarking.

The Visible Impact palette is vibrant, passionate and creative.  It supports Amy’s aim ‘to help women increase their visibility, amplify their voice and make them memorable in an authentic and human way.’ 

Visible Impact colour palette

Brand Logo

You get more than one version of your brand logo:

Stacked, landscape, full colour, greyscale. with and without strapline – plus your brand icon.

Because you need flexibility to create brand consistency.

Visible Impact branding
Visible Impact landscape logo

Marketing Collateral

We always carefully consider how to present your brand message in each piece of marketing collateral.

Amy wanted a business card, sales PDF, LinkedIn banner and digital templates for Word and PowerPoint.

Above all, we want your brand voice presented in a brand aesthetic that communicates clearly and captivates your audience.

Visible Impact Business Cards
"Lynne came highly recommended to me, which is why I chose her to help me with the branding of my new business. What a great choice I made. The whole experience has been wonderful, thanks to her wealth of knowledge, understanding, patience and as her own brand indicates, her brilliant ideas. Branding was a whole new world to me, but Lynne has held my hand every step of the way, and I am now so clear about who my brand is and where it is going, that I feel a million times more confident with my communications. It has literally changed my business and I honestly feel that I have received about a hundred times the value of my investment in Lynne. If you are in any doubt about who your brand is or feel that it's time for a refresh, she is definitely your woman."
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