Brand Audit Breakthrough
Brand Audit Breakthrough

Have a Brand Audit – and breakthrough to your greatness

There are many reasons why having a Brand Audit is incredibly useful:

  • If you feel disconnected and unaligned with your brand – it’s time to have a Brand Audit.
  • Feeling ‘disconnected’ with your brand is often the result of some sort of change. For example, your target audience may have changed and your brand now serves a new group of customers.
  • Or you may have added new products or services – and it’s been difficult to align these new items under your ‘brand umbrella’. This could mean that your brand feels out of kilter with the messaging on your website, social media and marketing materials.
  • You may feel perfectly happy with your brand identity – but not quite so satisfied with how your communications all fit together. In these circumstances, having a Brand Audit helps clarify your brand strengths and identify areas that are ready for improvement.
  • If you suspect it is time for a rebrand, your Brand Audit is an impartial review that identifies the next steps in your brand building. It will confirm either the need for a rebrand – or not.

A brand audit helps you break through confusion

– and identify clear next steps for your brand building

This is how your Brand Audit works:

I tailor the Brand Audit so we focus on the issues that are causing you problems right now. Here are just a few examples of what some clients want to explore in their Brand Audit:

  • Review of your website and social media messaging to check for clarity and consistency of messaging or
  • Revisit your brand purpose, values and personality to assess if these need to evolve or if they still convey authenticity and conviction or
  • Check brand voice, imagery and colours to confirm they communicate with the appropriate meaning

Your Brand Audit holds the key to moving forward with confidence in your communications

Why I believe your Brand Audit matters

I’m a brand strategist for purpose-driven business owners who provide transformative services and products.

It’s vitally important that your brand continues to evolve over time – and it’s just as important to communicate consistently across all media. Your Brand Audit is an impartial snapshot of where your brand is now, together with insights, expertise and advice to help you move forward with clarity and intention.

I just love the ‘aha’ moments that my clients experience during their Brand Audit. This process really does give you  breakthoughs.

When you work with me, the focus is on making your brand human. The result of this focus means your brand creates deeper emotional connections with your target clients. Your brand will also stand out better because it is meaningfully different from your competitors.

captivatign brand colours

Lynne Stainthorpe – Brand Strategist

The Brand Audit consists of a questionnaire, a video call and a follow-up video call:


  • Complete a simple online form, so that I understand your current concerns


  • Based on the information you provided, we’ll work through the key blocks for your brand, just now
  • We’ll identify the priority action steps
  • After the call, you’ll get a summary of the key points we cover in the call


  • A week later, we’ll talk through your progress on the agreed actions and any questions that may have come up for you.

As a result of taking my Brand Audit:

  • You’re clear on what your brand needs now
  • Understand why this is very important
  • Feel confident to take the next action steps
Brand Audit Breakthrough


It’s vitally important that you are clear on who your brand is and what it stands for, so your brand messaging attracts more clients for you to help.

Your Brand Audit will help you get clear on what’s working for your brand – and on what’s working against it.

I’d love to help you breakthrough the blocks, so you feel aligned with your brand – and proud of what it stands for.


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Once your payment is received, you’ll get an email to book your first session and we’ll get started on your Brand Audit Breakthrough.

I can’t wait to work with you…

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Sharon Tan
Besonder Consulting

‘Lynne has a gift of asking probing questions with grace and giving feedback like a clear mirror.  She is highly skilled in distilling what we sometimes take for granted about ourselves, our identity.  Her unique and personable style along with the step by step process help make the branding journey for entrepreneurs like me so illuminating.’

Rebecca Perkins
The Midlife Coach

‘I worked with Lynne on a complete revitalisation of my brand. The creative process was enlightening. Lynne really got to know me and my voice, which is a very important part of my brand identity. We had fun during the process and I really enjoyed working with Lynne, as she is so insightful and really saw things that were important for me, even before I did. 

Kevin Thiele
Sales Code

‘The process of discovery that Lynne went through, helped me with my branding. I needed a trusted advisor to help me position my new brand. From the first dialogue with Lynne, I realised that she is an extremely experienced and very capable brand expert, who goes way beyond the basics to help her customers.’

James Bryson
Sidekick Sauces & Flaming Licks

‘I have personally never learnt as much from working with someone on a project, as I have done with Lynne from Big Idea, I would highly recommend to anyone who takes their brand seriously.’