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It’s a good idea to review your brand on a regular basis, because change happens…

Change is continuous and there’s no reason to fight it. Instead, let’s embrace the inevitability of change!  However, what could happen over time and little by little, is misalignment, inconsistencies and confusion in your brand messaging and brand aesthetic.

Your brand value proposition, branding and core brand messaging are the solid foundation on which you build all your marketing and PR activities. When the foundation wobbles, it creates inconsistencies in communication that confuse your customers. And we know that confused customers do not buy.

When your brand is consistent, your brand messaging feels confident, clear and impactful.

Without this consistency, your brand feels misaligned, unconvincing and difficult to market with pride. This is when you need a Brand Audit to:

Simply click on the PayPal button to book your Brand Audit. Then we’ll fix the dates and get started. £630 inc. VAT. Or click here to email me and arrange your payment plan.

Signs you’re ready for a Brand Audit

When you don’t need a Brand Audit

Why your Brand Audit matters

It’s vitally important that your brand communicates consistently across all your channels – from website to social and email – as your business evolves and grows.

You don’t need a rebrand every year – yet your brand could benefit from a regular review to keep it on track, in tune and thriving. A bit like an MOT for your brand.

Sometimes you can handle this alone and there are times when talking to fresh outside eyes can give you insights and actions you struggle to achieve alone.

It’s at these times that I can help!  I’ve worked in branding and marketing for over 20 years and recognise the symptoms when small adjustments can overcome stumbling blocks in brand thinking. You could call it brand experience and expertise and there’s also my strong brand intuition for identifying what you brand needs at this time.

I work with business owners who provide transformative services and products, so it makes sense to tune into your brand messaging and style, so that your business continues to make an impact and grow.

I just love the ‘aha’ moments that clients experience during their Brand Audit. The process really does give you  breakthoughs.

When you work with me, we focus on making your brand human. The result means your brand has deeper emotional connections with your target clients and stands out because it is meaningfully different from competitors.

Lynne Stainthorpe of Big idea Brand Marketing

What’s included in your Brand Audit?

You’ll have a review of 3 key areas that have a big impact on the brand attraction factors for your target audience:

We’ll explore the consistency and alignment of your brand messaging and brand look and feel – from your website and social media channels, to key marketing materials like your business card and sales brochure.

This means you’ll have a summary of what works well, and a checklist of changes you can easily implement to boost your brand communication and attractiveness.

Brand Audit Big Idea Brand Marketing

Simply click on the PayPal button to book your Brand Audit. Then we’ll fix the dates and get started. £630 inc. VAT. Or click here to email me and arrange your payment plan.

How it Works

Step 1

Book your Brand Audit. We'll fix the dates for 3 sessions to dive deep into your brand benefits, communications and style via Zoom.

Step 2

3 x 60 minutes Zoom calls to breakthrough the key blocks holding your brand back and explore your priorities for action.

Step 3

Enjoy getting your brand back on track for growth as you work through your detailed checklist and actions.

“You helped tease out our USPs and brought fresh thinking to our brand colour palette.”

"You made it a fun and engaging experience, resulting in a new brand presence and marketing materials that we’re absolutely delighted with. Our materials reflect our values, what we stand for as a company and the contemporary fresh approach we seek to bring to our clients."
Jacqui Alexander Changepace Consulting
Changepace Consulting

Let’s get started with your Brand Audit…

When your branding is consistent, aligned and authentic, your brand messaging feels confident, clear and impactful.

So, if you have any doubts about the relevance of your brand value proposition, the effectiveness of your brand messaging or the consistency of your brand style, colours or voice – take the plunge and work with me. You’ll get the benefit of an external, expert eye on your brand communications.

You’ll soon be back in control and clear on what’s working for your brand – and on what’s working against it. I love helping business owners like you to breakthrough the blocks, feel aligned with your brand – and proud of what it stands for.

I can’t wait to work with you…

Simply click on the PayPal button to buy your Brand Audit. Then we’ll fix the dates and get started. £630 inc. VAT

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