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What clients say about working with Lynne Stainthorpe of Big Idea Brand Marketing

Big Idea Brand Marketing created the branding for my new business Amazing Futures. I was delighted with the way Lynne responded to my brief. After a Zoom call she really got to grips with my vision for the business and the kind of message I want to portray via my business branding. What I particularly liked about Lynne was her no-nonsense approach and frankly the lack of defensiveness to feedback. I have worked in marketing for over 15 years and have often found brand consultants and designers to almost seem to take offense – or worse patronise me in their response to my feedback but there was absolutely none of that with Lynne. She took my comments on board totally, whilst explaining her recommendations. What she came up with was 100% right for my business and her sound advice really helped guide me in my approach in the run up to launching my business. Within one month of launching my business with this gorgeous branding, I had four enquiries and gained one new retainer client and a one off project from another business. I am thrilled with the results of working with Big Idea Brand Marketing and would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients and business acquaintances.
Felicity Sandford
Felicity Sandford
Amazing Futures
I would highly recommend Lynne for your re-brand. I've been working with Lynne on my re-brand for a few months, she has been so patient with me on this process, which has been a journey has it's made me question many things. Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, everything you need and want from someone who is going to be helping you shape your brand from messaging to logo. I love doing the strategy work and Lynne has kept me from drifting in strange directions! You are safe with Lynne, and your brand is safe with Lynne.
Justina Rosu Purple Square Video
Justina Rosu
Purple Square Video
Lynne came highly recommended to me, which is why I chose her to help me with the branding of my new business. What a great choice I made. The whole experience has been wonderful, thanks to her wealth of knowledge, understanding, patience and as her own brand indicates, her brilliant ideas. Branding was a whole new world to me, but Lynne has held my hand every step of the way, and I am now so clear about who my brand is and where it is going, that I feel a million times more confident with my communications. It has literally changed my business and I honestly feel that I have received about a hundred times the value of my investment in Lynne. If you are in any doubt about who your brand is or feel that it's time for a refresh, she is definitely your woman.
Amy Burnett Visible Impact
Amy Burnett
Visible Impact
At the start of the year, I was having a good think about where I wanted my business to go. The answer was simple - Interiors and soft furnishings. My old name suddenly made no sense and I didn’t really have any branding. Well, I did the best thing I could have ever done, I hired the AMAZING Lynne Stainthorpe of Big Idea Brand Marketing to rebrand my business and make it relevant. Lynne was one of those people who really understood me, not just as a business and where I wanted it to go, but as a person - all those little things about me I think nobody picks up on, she did and this was important because I wanted my business to reflect a person - not a corporate company. We worked together on my vision and brand colours, a gorgeous, slightly neon shade of pink and a lovely teal to balance it out. The thing that I was most excited about though, was the logo. I never had a proper logo before and like a kid in a sweet shop, I wanted EVERYTHING in it! Obviously that wasn’t possible, but what Lynne did with my million ideas was create a logo which not only captures the sewing side, she captured me as well. Everyone who has seen the logo has immediately said “its very you” and it is. What I love, is the details that you may not pick up on straight away, like the swallow tails becoming scissors, or that their beaks are holding thread, as if they just embroidered the ampersand. The rebrand has had such a wonderful and positive impact that I’ve received more enquiries for soft furnishings that ever before. I’d say that’s a sign of a successful rebrand! Thank you Lynne!
Larysa Kucak Cushions & Creations
Larysa Kucak
Cushions & Creations

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