Revitalise Your Brand Messaging

Create compelling, powerful communications that standout

Engage from the heart with clients

Unlock the power of your brand voice

Attract clients with a standout brand

Have you lost that vital spark in your brand messaging?

Do you feel there’s something missing in your communications and you can’t quite put your finger on what’s not working

Here’s an example:

A leadership coach contacted me because she felt her brand voice wasn’t resonating with her prospective clients. When we talked it became clear that the reason her brand voice felt constrained was because her core brand message wasn’t clear.  So we spent time working on the real reasons for her clients to buy into her services. We uncovered some new insights into her target client motivations that sparked new ideas, new packages, new messaging and conversations with prospects who became clients. Her confidence and business expanded when her message became clear.

You can be unstoppable

Once you get clear on the reasons why your brand is the natural choice for your target clients

With clarity on the value you bring your clients, your brand gets noticed and makes an impact with your target audience. You’ll attract the clients you love to work with – the ones who can’t wait to work with you. As your business grows, you’ll feel uplifted and confident and enjoy making a difference for all those clients who need your help.

Join my Revitalise Your Brand Messaging Programme

It’s a 4-part online group programme for coaches, consultants and creatives who want to make a difference

How the programme works

The group is small, from 2 to 5 people only, so that we can give your brand the focus and attention it merits. We meet fortnightly on Zoom for 90 minutes. The calls are recorded, so you can listen to them again later. In each meeting we’ll work together on the key elements that make your brand messaging memorable and you’ll have some ‘homework’ to do in between meetings. This gives you time to ponder and embed the breakthroughs we’ve made together. In addition, you’ll get feedback from me and the others in the group. It’s thought-provoking, supportive and illuminating.

The core elements we’ll cover

We’ll focus on making your brand messaging compelling for your target audience, using a proven framework that engages and convinces. By the end of the 5 sessions you’ll have crafted a core brand message you can put into place on your website, in emails and in social media profiles and posts.

Transformation for your clients

Talking Transformation

Clarity on your audience and the transformation they experience when they buy from your brand. Understanding the 3 levels of problem that your clients experience and how your brand helps them.

Adding Value Revitalise Your Brand Messaging Programme

Adding Brand Value

Getting clear on how your brand helps clients overcome their challenges and using the 3 levels of benefits to communicate clearly, heart to heart, why buying from your brand is their best choice

Brand Difference revitalise Your Brand Messaging

Your Brand Difference

Branding starts from the inside out, you'll clarify the 3 core elements that differentiate your brand in a way that is difficult for others to copy, and helps your brand to standout and make an impact.

Put your messaging in place Revitalise Your brand Messaging Programme

Messaging Magic

We'll pull everything together so that you have a framework to use on your website home page, in your social media profiles, throughout your posts and in your networking.

Dates of the next programme

To get the best out of the programme

Simply click on the PayPal button to book your place. £495 inc. VAT (or email me to pay in 3 parts of £170 each)


“I realised what opportunities I was missing”

"Like most business owners, I had carried out basic branding work for my own business but felt there were gaps missing, which was ultimately slowing down my marketing. Working with Lynne on her Revitalise Your Brand Messaging Programme provided a review of brand values, how that was being presented and the transformation delivered to clients. It delivered focus on how to communicate this better, not only in terms of the brand story and messaging but how this is presented through tone, personality, style. As well as feeling unstuck and focussed, I realised what opportunities I was missing! The programme created a fuller brand brief to work from, which is delivering speed and consistency in my marketing and sales."
Kristel Valaydon testimonial
KV Communications

Why work with me on your brand messaging?

You’ll benefit from my experience of managing big brands like Dulux and consulting on retail product brands for B&Q. Since 2010 I’ve specialised in working with small business owners, many of whom are ex-corporate and want a professional, relatable brand that helps their business scale.

I’m intuitive, practical and patient and believe your brand is the foundation for growth, making an impact and change for the better.

I’ll make sure your brand messaging is consistent and aligned with your brand purpose, values and personality.

Lynne Stainthorpe of Big idea Brand Marketing

Simply click on the PayPal button to book your place. £495 inc. VAT (or email me to pay in 3 parts of £170 each)

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