Big idea Brand Vitality Workshop

​In ​a nutshell, the Brand Vitality Workshop ​provides the foundations to ​build your powerful, irresistible brand.​As a result, it will be easier to attract your ideal clients. ​And you’ll also find it easier to develop ​consistent brand marketing campaigns. Just imagine. Clients (and you) love who your brand is and what your brand stands for.You’ll have clarity on what makes your brand different, which will give you laser brand focus. In turn, this means you can say hello to brand consistency. ​So, make sure you grab the Early Bird price ​of just £97 for the Brand Vitality Workshop.  

  • Does your brand attract your ideal clients with its clear brand purpose and motivating values?  
  • Is your brand captivating customers with its engaging brand personality?
  • Or is it time to take a fresh new look at your brand?

Big idea Brand Vitality Workshop

Hi, I’m Lynne. My mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs build a powerful brand your clients fall in love with.

You see, building an irresistible brand is a process – and I want to make your brand journey fun and fulfilling.  

Lynne Stainthorpe Brand Vitality Workshop

​​​​The biggest mistake people make is to spend too much time, energy and money on their visual identity, before they’ve defined their brand.

This is the one thing that comes up time and time again with clients.

Most of my work is re-branding – when a brand needs a makeover or a brand refresh. And this is ​required ​when the basic brand-building ​foundations are missing.

(One of the secrets to building a powerful, irresistible brand is – always start by getting clear about your brand, before developing your visual branding).

What’s the difference between your brand and your branding?

If you’re clear about your brand, you’ll be able to answer these questions: ‘Who is this brand and what does it stand for?

So, let’s take a look at what’s involved in developing your irresistible brand.

Your brand has meaning.

When you started your business, you did it for a reason. Your brand exists for a reason or purpose, that is relevant and motivating for your clients. Sometimes this gets forgotten, which is why it’s important to go back to the origins and roots of your brand.

​It’s also important to identify your ​unique brand values. These ​​values ​are specific ​to your brand​. And they play their part in helping your ​business attract more of your ideal customers – and to stand out from ​competitors.

​​​​​Bring life to your brand.

Your brand has personality and style. It has a way of speaking and a way with words. Just like a person, your brand character has evolved over time – and it ​will continue to do so.

Add value to your brand.

Your customers will value your brand ​more, if it makes them feel good.

However big or small – whether you make products or provide services – your brand aims to add value for customers.  Building an irresistible brand means ​making customers feel good, everyday.

What’s the difference between brand features and benefits?

Your brand features tend to focus on what the brand does.

Whilst your brand benefits tend to focus on how your clients feel.

As a guide, irresistible brands provide their customers with a compelling combination of both functional features and fulfilling emotional benefits.

Ensure your brand is different.

It’s important to know what makes your brand different. And to keep it that way. This means staying alert and keeping track of market trends.

It also means keeping tabs on what your competitors ​are doing. ​You’ll have an ongoing target to ensure your brand stays up-to-date, desirable and irresistible.

Your irresistible brand checklist

  • You’re crystal clear about who the brand is and what it stands for. This means your brand has a defined purpose, distinctive values and an attractive personality.
  • Your brand adds lots of value for clients. With a stunning fusion of functional features and emotional benefits to ensure they feel great.
  • Thebrand is seen as different and desirable.It continually evolves and stays in touch with prospects and clients, whilst remaining true to its purpose. 

Now, here’s your opportunity to create the foundations ​​for yourirresistible brand...

If it was easy to build a powerful, irresistible brand, everyone would have one (and we all know this is a continuous work-in-progress).

It takes time, focus and commitment to ensure you’ve got all the essential brand thinking in place. If you’d like some support, help and guidance to refresh the foundations of your brand – this is the workshop for you.   

Take some time out – it’s less than a day – to invest in your brand.

At just £97, the Brand Vitality Workshop is amazing value.

You’ll enjoy looking at your brand in new ways that generate ideas and inspiration for growth. ​And you’ll feel energised and empowered to build your brand from the inside out.

Let’s revitalise Your Brand.

Feel totally clear about who your brand is and what it stands for

Re-energise your brand purpose and promise

Bring new life to your brand personality

Refresh your brand voice and vocabulary.

Increase the added value your brand brings to clients

You’re invited to


This is your time and space to focus on building your irresistible brand. You’ll define what makes your brand different and desirable. And you’ll leave the workshop feeling clear, confident and inspired.

​With this new clarity, ​you’ll find it so much easier to develop marketing campaigns and social media content, because you’ll know what is totally ‘right’ for your brand and what is completely ‘off-brand’.

DATE: Friday 27 April

​10.00am to ​4.00pm 

VENUE: The Greyhound Inn, Chalfont St. Peter, SL9 9RA​. Click here for more information about this historic venue.

PRICE: £ 97

brand vitality workshop venue The Greyhound Inn


Playbook, lunch (the menu choice includes gluten-free options), all day refreshments, networking – and lots of fun. Plus, free parking & free Wi-Fi.

​We’ll work through the key elements of your brand strategy, so by the end of the workshop, you’ll feel clear, confident and inspired by your brand.

brand vitality workshop

​Brand Positioning

brand vitality workshop

​Brand Voice

brand vitality workshop

​Value Proposition

brand vitality workshop

​Brand Personality

brand vitality workshop

​Brand Values

brand vitality workshop

​Brand ​Why (Purpose)

Big Idea brand vitality workshop playbook

What clients say…

xxrebecca-perskins-the-midlife-coachJohn DoeUI/UX Designer

“I worked with Lynne on a complete revitalisation of my brand…”

“The creative process was enlightening, Lynne really got to know me and my voice, which is a very important part of my brand identity. We had fun during the process and I really enjoyed working with Lynne as she is so insightful and really saw things that were important for me, even before I did.

We worked on brand values and the personality of my brand. Lynne is nothing short of thorough and truly committed to finding the best outcome for her clients. And she makes it fun!”

Rebecca Perkins
The Midlife Coach

“I found the whole brand strategy process eye opening, thought-provoking and helpful…”

“It was something I’d never considered as a one-person band. Thought it was only large companies who did rebrands and hired strategists”

Nicola Gaughan
Iconic Creative

xNicola-GaughanJohn DoeUI/UX Designerxkevin-thiele-sales-codeJohn DoeUI/UX Designer

“The process of discovery that Lynne went through helped me with my branding…”

“Although I had clear ideas of how the business needed to be established, I needed a trusted advisor to help me to translate this into a powerful image that would position my new brand.

From the first dialogue with Lynne I realised that she is an extremely experienced and very capable brand expert who goes way beyond the basics to help her customers.”

Kevin Thiele
Sales Code

Early Bird Place: just £97

(Normal price £197)

Take the opportunity to discover who your brand is and what it stands for. Get clear on what makes your brand different and desirable. Find the words and tone of voice that unlock the power of your brand personality – and more…


Why it helps…

xxKate-AndersonJohn DoeUI/UX Designer​”My understanding of what my brand could be went from vague and fuzzy to concrete and detailed…Lynne quickly understood what I was trying to convey and she was very good at drawing out the connections between my brand and my personality.”

“Lynne helped me refresh the message and branding for my business…”

“The work has been challenging, stimulating and enjoyable…

I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who is thinking about re-branding and revising their message to potential clients. She is very patient and incisive when trying to elicit key information and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge on branding, brand values and client mindset.”

Chris Bateson
Horizon HR

xChris-BatesonJohn DoeUI/UX DesignerLynne Stainthorpe Brand Vitality Workshop

Lynne Stainthorpe
Brand Strategist

About Lynne

Branding is in my DNA. I learned the secrets of building powerful, irresistible brands when I developed and managed brands for Unilever, Beecham and Dulux. Since then I’ve consulted for brands like Benetton, B&Q, The Royal Parks and Tate.

Now I love working with ethical businesses of all sizes – from coaches, consultants and creative designers to makers of food, skincare, jewellery and fashion.

I believe that every business has the potential to build a powerful, irresistible brand, which is why my mission is to help you ​build the brand your clients will fall in love with.

Who is the Brand Vitality Workshop for?

Are you:

  • Ambitious for growth?
  • Marketing and selling to new groups of customers?
  • Planning to add new products or services?
  • Experiencing new competition?
  • Moving into new markets?
  • Feel your brand is looking dated?

The Brand Vitality Workshop is ​ideal for:

  • Small business owners
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Interior designers
  • Makers of personal care products
  • Artisan food makers
  • Makers of home and garden products

Is brand thinking just for big companies?

Absolutely not!

Every business, however small, has the potential to build a powerful, irresistible brand.

It’s all about intent, focus and commitment.

You’ll get the framework for your brand thinking, along with expert brand guidance. 

The Brand Vitality Workshop is the opportunity to kickstart your powerful brand journey.

What’s in the Workshop…

  • The Golden Circle and your brand ‘why’
  • Brand vision, mission and promise
  • The Brand Wheel – five steps to your brand essence
  • Brand Personality – being human
  • Brand tone of voice and vocabulary
  • Perceptual maps – visualise your brand difference and added value

Frequently Asked Questions

   Why should I invest in this workshop?

Creating a powerful brand is a continuous, evolutionary process. By defining your brand personality, style and voice you’ll save lots of time and energy when you create your marketing materials.

What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card. if you prefer to pay by bank transfer or in two instalments, click ">here to get in touch.

The timing isn’t right for me, just now.

It’s entirely your choice. Do remember what Seth Godin says ‘If you put it in a folder marked later, it may never happen’.

Why does my brand matter?

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to build your brand. No-one else is responsible. Take this opportunity to be ultra-clear about who your brand is and what it stands for. So you can focus on attracting more of your ideal clients. 

Will the workshop be repeated?

It’s not yet decided. The workshop may be repeated later in the year or in 2019. If you know you want to work on your brand, it’s best to book now.

What materials are provided in the workshop?

There is a Playbook to complete as we go through each session on the day.

P.S. It would be fabulous to help you build your powerful, irresistible brand.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in April.

Cancellations and Refunds Policy

We will accept cancellations and provide full refunds up to seven days before the date of the workshop. 

After 20 April we will provide 50% refund only, due to financial commitments and outlay.

Copyright: Big Idea Brand Marketing Ltd 2018

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