What happens if I don’t have a brand?

image of puzzled young woman at her laptop and the question 'what happens if I don't have a brand?'

‘What happens if I don’t have a brand?’

It’s a question I’ve been asked recently, so here’s a summary of what happens:

👉🏼 You lose the ability to take control of how your business is represented and how it communicates. Although you can’t control how people respond or their perceptions – you can influence, take initiatives, inform and build relationships.

👉🏼 If you don’t take ownership and develop your brand, others will step in and do it for you. Competitors and customers will define the position of your business in the market – and you may not like it!

👉🏼 You’re wasting your investment in promotions because you’re spending money and it’s not contributing to creating recognition of your key business asset.

👉🏼 Without a brand that is recognised and trusted, it’s hard to charge a premium for services and products.

👉🏼 And it’s difficult to create brand affinity, loyalty and repeat purchases.


When you know this happens why wouldn’t you want to build your brand?

Let’s highlight a few reasons to invest time, energy and resources in creating, developing and managing your brand.

Remember, your brand is a shorthand for your business. It’s not just about what you sell (your bundle of products, services, attributes, benefits). It’s also about the perceptions your clients have about your brand – and how they feel about these.

When you decide to develop, own and manage your brand, you’ll have a brand strategy which clarifies:

🌻 Who your brand is (personality) and what it stands for (purpose and values)

🌻 And who your brand wants to attract, to serve and why (target clients)

🌻 The value your business delivers to your target audience and what makes it meaningfully different from competitors (positioning and value proposition)


Once your brand strategy is sorted, you’ll have the key elements for your creative brief and the foundation for distinctive branding that represents your business.

This includes:

🌻 The visual elements that get recognised and remembered over time, for example, your brand logo, colours, icons or symbols, imagery and style.

🌻 And equally important is your brand voice – how your brand talks (and listens) to clients, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.


Now it’s easier to develop brand messaging that:

🌻 Attracts clients

🌻 Creates affinity

🌻 Differentiates from competitors and

🌻 Helps your business to stand out


Managing your brand well also provides a framework for evolving your new products and services:

🌻 Initiating innovation (in response to inevitable change)

🌻 Staying in tune with the times and

🌻 Communicating consistently whilst staying true to what matters


Best of all

🌻 Great brands make more money over time and

🌻 Even greater brands align with their clients to fulfil a social purpose and create change for the better.


Thank you for reading

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