How to breakthrough your copy blocks and get your website home page live

How to breakthrough your website copy blocks

How to breakthrough your website copy blocks

Getting the copy ready for your website can be one of the biggest obstacles to going live. In turn this creates yet another obstacle to getting your brand noticed, attracting clients, and laying the foundation for your business growth.

This problem comes up time and again when I work with clients on rebranding their business or launching their new brand. It’s also been my own experience when I worked on evolving my own website, so I know how frustrating it feels.

I also know that a website is never ‘done’. It’s in a constant flow of evolution. So, I’ve found that it’s a great idea to go with the best you have now and keep crafting.


Pass ‘The Grunt Test’

When clients want to breakthrough their copy blocks, they need to create a smoother flow of what they write, so it passes ‘the grunt test’.

Donald Miller talks about the grunt test in ‘Building a Storybrand’. To pass the test, you must make 3 things clear – so that any caveman can understand:

⭐ What your brand does

⭐ How your brand solves their specific problem

⭐ How they buy the solution from your brand

There are 2 stages in the process to breakthrough your website copy blocks and go live…


Stage 1:  Get ultra-clear on these 5 key points:

⭐ Target audience – what they need help with and the transformation they want

⭐ Brand – who it is and what it stands for – including your brand purpose, values, and personality

⭐ Packages – what clients can buy from you and how they work

⭐ Results clients experience from working with you – how it feels to work with your brand and how they experience the results. This is your brand value proposition

⭐ How to buy from your brand – this includes your prices, payment plans and how they book


Stage 2: Create your buying story in 7 steps

You’ll need to ensure:

⭐ The problem you solve is clearly described

⭐ Prospective clients recognise themselves in your copy

⭐ They feel you understand them and have the credentials to solve their obstacles

⭐ Your packages are explained simply and clearly

⭐ Previous clients provide glowing testimonials

⭐ You tell them how to buy from you

⭐ Remind them why you’re the best brand for them to buy from right now

Last week, I went through these points with a client who wrote “thanks for today it really helped me clear my thoughts – and loved your solutions” 😍

Since becoming a certified Storybrand Guide in 2020 I’ve helped clients breakthrough their website copy blocks.

When you want to review your website copy, you can choose a flexible and collaborative way of working:

⭐ Review & Refine call

⭐ Brand Audit

⭐ Rebranding (or new branding) project

Or book a Zoom call to discuss what your brand needs now – Click Here to Book Your Call 


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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you've enjoyed it and found it useful. I work with coaches, consultants, creatives, therapists and experts, often ex-corporate. Together we get to the heart of what makes your brand distinctive and different, so we can communicate your value proposition effectively. You'll have a standout brand you love and your clients adore, with a brand personality and image that makes you feel proud of your work, and gives you the confidence and focus to accelerate your business growth.
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