9 ideas for building your brand resilience

9 ideas to build your brand resiliencewebsite

Build your brand resilience

Try these 9 ideas inspired by big brands

Although I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs, I like to keep up with what’s happening in the world of the big brands. Partly because it’s a world I used to work in, and partly because we can get ideas and inspiration from what’s happening in other sectors.

I believe it’s important to keep your brand marketing antenae open and listening at all times – not to copy – instead your watchwords are inspiration and adapatation.

These are ideas you could consider including in your brand strategy or your next brand audit or review. I read about them in a report from Interbrand, a global brand agency that detailed the characteristics shared by top brands, who are of course, naturally resilient.

Remember, as you build your brand resilience, that your brand is more than its products and services and it must evolve and grow continuously. As Joe Stubbs VP of Global Brand at Interbrand put it ‘Becoming a successful brand is not as easy as having great products and services’ 

So, here are 9 ideas to inspire your brand philosophy, marketing plans and communications:

1. Focus your brand purpose on your customers and what they need help with

This idea may some obvious. After all, without clients, your business won’t survive for very long. Therefore focus your brand purpose on solving problems for your target audience and commit to helping them as the world changes. This will help your brand endure over time.

2. Look for human stories in your market research and information gathering

Being human matters and your clients will engage with stories they can relate to. Remember the old adage about know, like and trust and that people prefer to buy from people they like. Maybe you can use testimonials from clients or feature their experiences. Speaking to people could help with developing new services or new products. It can also help keep your brand vocabulary up to date and in tune with customers.

3. Ensure that everything you do contributes to your long-term goals

One of the major distractions for business owners is ‘bright shiny objects’, which can shift our attention from long term goals. The most resilient brands stay aligned with their goals. This is how ‘think strategically’ is a valuable mantra, for every activity, including tactical.

4. Be creative, because it brings distinctiveness to your brand

Creativity has many aspects, from being inventive in creating services, to how you promote your message or the look and feel of your brand aesthetic. Remember though, that clarity always trumps creativity. And creativity must always serve your business goals.

5. Be prepared to do something differently

Being different will get your brand noticed. However, be aware, that before you do, you have considered the risks and potential rewards from challenging perceived conventions. It’s important that what your brand does has meaning. Staying relevant is another key to resilience.

6. Take time, when needed, to get your plans in order 

It can take time to bring initiatives to market and launch new services, products or campaigns. Having worked on big brands, I know that some initiatives can take more than a year to bring to market. The secret is to invest time in exploring, researching, testing and improving to fast track success.

7. Be a brand marketer – not just a communicator

The mistake, some business owners make is to focus on promotional activity only. However there are more strategies available for growth. Notice how successful brands deploy the full gamut of brand marketing ‘P’s – including innovation, pricing and channels.

8. Measure your brand marketing

Building a resilient brand relies on knowing the impact and effectiveness of your brand marketing. Start by monitoring and measuring your results. Doing this enables you to stop doing what isn’t workign and do more of what works. It also opens up opportunities to explore and expand on your best ideas.

9. Work with trusted people and partners

Finding the right people – the ones you share values with is vital. It really matters who your brand works with – from employees, to suppliers or associates. Working with these people generates support, enthusiasm and energy for your building your brand and business for the long term.

When it’s time to invest in your brand

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