What is branding with soul?

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What is branding with soul?

The idea of ‘soul’ in the concept of branding has been whispering to me for some time…

Being human, developing a distinctive brand personality, deepening affinity with clients and being driven by purpose and values lie at the heart of my work with clients. We always start working on your brand from the inside out.

So, if humans have souls, and your brand behaves like a human, it follows that your brand could have soul.


What are the core signs that signify your branding has soul?

👉🏼 An emphasis on the human element in your branding

Branding with soul is about being human and putting people at the centre of what your brand does.  This means creating affinity with clients based on truly understanding their wants, needs and desires. So your brand voice speaks with empathy, and feels approachable and relatable because it aligns with the values and beliefs of your soul clients.

👉🏼 A willingness to dive deeper

When your brand has soul you’ll have a strong and clearly defined sense of purpose and a mission to fufil, which is greater than making money. This sense of purpose helps create meaningful connections with your audience.

👉🏼 Always authentic

This means your brand is genuine and true to its essence and identity. This means that it doesn’t use gimmicks to attract customers. So, everything about your brand is authentic – from the messaging to experiences and the visual identity.

👉🏼 Emotional connections

Branding with soul understands that clients want and need emotional benefits as well as functional or rational results. This means engaging heart-to-heart with your soul clients which inspires trust and loyalty.

👉🏼 Always consistent

This means being consistent and true to the essence of your soul brand as it evolves and grows over time. Consistency matters in your brand messaging, visual identity, personality and actions based on your purpose and values.


How could branding with soul make a difference to your business?

When your brand has soul, it’s easier to connect with clients on a deeper level, and create an strong emotional bond. The benefits for your business includes:

⭐ Builds Trust: Because your brand is determined to make a difference and positive impact.

⭐ Increases Loyalty: Having strong emotional connections to your brand, gives clients reasons to choose your business repeatedly.

⭐ Makes your brand distinctive and different: So it stands out and attracts your soul clients, even when products or services may be similar.

⭐ Attracts collaborators, employees and suppliers: Because people want to work for a brand that is clear on what it stands for, with a clear purpose beyond making money.

So, in summary branding with soul may not be for every brand, yet is an approach that I’m committed to. It’s an effective approach for creating a deeper connection with clients that helps your brand to stand out, get noticed and build a foundation for growth.


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